Cry Cameroon USA is a nonprofit Christian organization established in the USA for the purpose of supporting ongoing ministries in Cameroon financially, logistically, and prayerfully.

Cry Cameroon USA is a 501(c) (3), 170 Public Charity.

What do we do?

Harvest Children’s Homes

Harvest Children’s Homes (HCH) is an orphanage project of Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] established to rescue and give hope to orphaned children whose parents were victims of AIDS, Malaria and other devastating illnesses. Harvest Children‘s Home (HCH) provides education, health, shelter, and nutritional care to the children as well as spiritual and biblical guidance. Click here to learn more about Harvest Children’s Homes.


Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] is deeply concerned with the poor health condition of the people of Cameroon. We are supporting a primary healthcare center that is located on the grounds of the Harvest Children‘s Home (HCH) in Cameroon. Not only does this center serve the children of the orphanage but it also serves the public as well. We need doctors, trained nurses, medicines, and basic equipment…just to name a few to better serve the people of the community and the orphans at Harvest Children‘s Home (HCH).

Needless to say, urgent help is needed to bring relief to the people in the surrounding villages. These people, who are also God’s workmanship, deserve to be given a chance to be healthy, care for their families and give their children a fair opportunity to live decent lives.

We are in need of medical personnel no matter the level of experience. Please contact us as we would love to talk with you about partnering with us in this awesome venture with Jesus!

Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] welcomes any healthcare gifts with joy and appreciation.


In recent years, Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] has become more aware of the need to train and equip gifted leaders in Cameroon. So, Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] has partnered with individuals and churches to meet this need.

In the last 5 years, training teams have been sent to build and foster interdependent relationships with local pastors, leaders and organizations.

Teams visit parts of Cameroon about once a year sharing resources and teaching materials to challenge, equip and empower leaders. To find out more or to be part of a team of trainers, email our Director of Volunteer Programs and Mission Trips.


The Gospel message is being preached daily and new converts are added to the fold; new congregations are being planted in all the regions of Cameroon. All ages are strategically targeted from Youth, Women’s Missionary Union, Men’s Missionary Union, to Pastor’s Fellowship Ministries.

In the face of such tremendous growth, the need for more trained pastors has continued to be more and more pressing. In response to this need, Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] in partnership with the Cameroon National Baptist Convention (CNBC) established the Baptist International School of Theology (BIST) to train pastors locally to serve in the local churches.

Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] sends pastoral trainers to train local pastors and trainers to conduct lectures at BIST and to hold conferences for local church leadership. It costs approximately $12,000 per year to train a pastor in a seminary in the USA. 30 pastors could be trained locally in Cameroon for the same amount in a year!!!!

To invest in the training of God’s servants, please contact our Treasurer for more information.